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I have a question though! My mum who has kindly decided to organize my bachelorette party is asking for advice on what to do for me. The thing is that I'm only going to be 20, so bars are out of the question and I'm not into clubs or penis necklaces if you know what I mean. I'm not interested in strippers or anything of that sort. I have no idea what to do instead. I'm not a prude though, I'm just not interested in that kind of thing.  I like girly and vintage things,lingerie, good food, and the party will be a smaller group, maybe 10 max. I live in washington state. Anyone have any ideas, any at all??

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Collapse ) I'd also like to know... My Fiance's job is salary, so he can only get so many days off. Technically, we'll have saturday night, sunday all day, and then he goes back to work on monday. We'll be in the DC area and are wondering if anyone has any suggestions for honeymoons! Thanks so much.
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Maybe this has been mentioned before (I'm new - Got engaged on June 26th) but this book has made me so much more confident about planning a non-traditional wedding. Anybody who is feeling a bit scared about planning a wedding that might be viewed as "weird" would benefit from reading this.
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Right now my biggest request is this: If you had a destination wedding, please tell me a bit about it. Where did you go, how did you make all of your arrangements over the phone/internet, how many people came, how did it compare to what you were expecting? I just need help figuring out where we're going to go and how we're going to get everything planned.

Also, are there any other women in the community who are converting to Judaism before marrying their Jewish husband? Advice on planning a ceremony that will make both sides of the family happy would be especially helpful.

has anyone used

There isn't a retailer around here that sells Novissima and every time I go out to look for a dress, I keep coming back to this one image that I have in my head. The price isn't terrible. It's only $850 including s&h. However, I'm a bit nervous to order it from them because well.. a) I can't try it on. b) i don't know how reputable they are. and c) what happens if I get the dress and I don't like it? is about the only place online I can find that sells it. Otherwise I'm stuck with either going to Sarasota, FL or Baltimore, MD and honestly- i don't really have time to go to either.

has anyone else used them? are they reliable? I'm not too keen on their "exchanges only" policy but that appears to be on select designers only... so I dunno.


I'm new!!

Here's my community introduction survey:
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I'm new here, but I do need some "advice." At least once every two weeks, i have a dream.. no.. nightmare.. about the wedding. Most recently, My FH is wearing kakis and a long grey shirt because he forgot to order tuxes.
All of my bridesmaids are gone
There are people there i didn't even invite become the bridesmaids and are all wearing white sundresses
my father doesn't show up because he has to work
all the flowers are completely wrong.

others have been that my sister ruins my dress, wrong ceremony place, i'm wearing the wrong dress..
They just seem to be getting worse -- any ideas why?