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Wedding Advice
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Smart guest list building features allow you to easily input the guest information and organize the wedding guests in groups.

Sugar Cream Candy [userpic]

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I have a question though! My mum who has kindly decided to organize my bachelorette party is asking for advice on what to do for me. The thing is that I'm only going to be 20, so bars are out of the question and I'm not into clubs or penis necklaces if you know what I mean. I'm not interested in strippers or anything of that sort. I have no idea what to do instead. I'm not a prude though, I'm just not interested in that kind of thing.  I like girly and vintage things,lingerie, good food, and the party will be a smaller group, maybe 10 max. I live in washington state. Anyone have any ideas, any at all??

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Kai Nimura [userpic]

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Du blutest nicht genug für mich [userpic]

Here's my community introduction survey:
click here to view my surveyCollapse ) I'd also like to know... My Fiance's job is salary, so he can only get so many days off. Technically, we'll have saturday night, sunday all day, and then he goes back to work on monday. We'll be in the DC area and are wondering if anyone has any suggestions for honeymoons! Thanks so much.

muloove [userpic]

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ugly bag of mostly water [userpic]

Maybe this has been mentioned before (I'm new - Got engaged on June 26th) but this book has made me so much more confident about planning a non-traditional wedding. Anybody who is feeling a bit scared about planning a wedding that might be viewed as "weird" would benefit from reading this.

ugly bag of mostly water [userpic]

Here's my community introduction survey:
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Right now my biggest request is this: If you had a destination wedding, please tell me a bit about it. Where did you go, how did you make all of your arrangements over the phone/internet, how many people came, how did it compare to what you were expecting? I just need help figuring out where we're going to go and how we're going to get everything planned.

Also, are there any other women in the community who are converting to Judaism before marrying their Jewish husband? Advice on planning a ceremony that will make both sides of the family happy would be especially helpful.

Sugar Cream Candy [userpic]

I need wedding dress advice!!

There isn't a retailer around here that sells Novissima and every time I go out to look for a dress, I keep coming back to this one image that I have in my head. The price isn't terrible. It's only $850 including s&h. However, I'm a bit nervous to order it from them because well.. a) I can't try it on. b) i don't know how reputable they are. and c) what happens if I get the dress and I don't like it?

thebridalshop.com is about the only place online I can find that sells it. Otherwise I'm stuck with either going to Sarasota, FL or Baltimore, MD and honestly- i don't really have time to go to either.

has anyone else used them? are they reliable? I'm not too keen on their "exchanges only" policy but that appears to be on select designers only... so I dunno.


Jackie [userpic]

Here's my community introduction survey:
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I'm new here, but I do need some "advice." At least once every two weeks, i have a dream.. no.. nightmare.. about the wedding. Most recently, My FH is wearing kakis and a long grey shirt because he forgot to order tuxes.
All of my bridesmaids are gone
There are people there i didn't even invite become the bridesmaids and are all wearing white sundresses
my father doesn't show up because he has to work
all the flowers are completely wrong.

others have been that my sister ruins my dress, wrong ceremony place, i'm wearing the wrong dress..
They just seem to be getting worse -- any ideas why?

Deb [userpic]

I need some help, in terms of wording our wedding program.
We won't be listing our parents, because we both have complicated step-parent situations...not to mention his dad is deceased. However, I have listed 'seating of the mother's & grandmothers'. All fine & good until I realized that my mom will be walking me down the aisle (along with my father). And that my step-mom will be seated during the special "seating" part.

I don't want people who aren't privy to complicated family matters, to get confused. So how should I word this now?
The only thing I could come up with was 'seating of special people'. Which sounds completely ridiculous! So I need some help/advice/opinions.

Thanks in advance!

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darkangel_208 [userpic]

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Tashii [userpic]

Hey all,

I haven't posted much since I've joined, mostly because I haven't gotten the ball rolling until just now. We settled on a date we like (October 31, 2009) and we're looking at different sites on Florida's Gulf Coast. We've also had an agreement from the families that it's going to be a small wedding, no more than 50-75 people invited, with a likelihood of no more than 50 people total coming. (Lots of people who'd be invited would have to travel quite far from across the country and from other continents, so it's to be expected that not everyone's going to come.) We're looking at doing something pretty relaxed, so having the ceremony on a patch of beach in front of a restaurant's pier or in their gardens is kind of what I was thinking. No t-shirts and jeans, but no formal suits or tuxes required. I haven't chosen my dress, but it's already been decided that the guys aren't going to be wearing ties with their nice pants and nice shirts. I'm also thinking about tea length dresses, as, well, I'd like a little more freedom of movement on the beach and I don't want to get my dress messed up by just walking around.

One area I particularly like is Anna Maria Island, and I wanted to know if anyone's gotten married at any of the places or has seen weddings at any of the sites there. From what I've seen, it's a small island with an easy walking distance between B&Bs/hotels and restaurants, and there's trolley service. There are a handful of restaurants that I liked that looked like good sites for a reception; The Beach House, The Sandbar, and The Waterfront all look like plausible options.

I took a brief glance at Sanibel Island's municipal website, but I'm not sure that there are going to be as good of a value as some of the stuff I saw while looking at sites online at Anna Maria. Maybe the municipal site is more geared toward hotel stays, but I just don't want to end up paying $100/head for a country club wedding that's more formal than I want.

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Deb [userpic]

Hi I'm new here!
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And I already have a "needs advice" issue right off the bat. There's a lot of history to the question, so I'll try to consolidate it.
My half-sister (10 mos younger than me - we share a dad.) & I have have an on/off relatioship. We used to be best friends, now we talk occasionally via email, etc.
She just got engaged this past May (they dated for a very short period of time.) My sister has always been the type to be jealous of me or try to compete with me. She says she's not trying to compete anymore, and I want to believe her. But this is her second engagement since I've been engaged.

My fiance' & I have been engaged for over a year, together for just over 2 years.
She has decided that her wedding is going to take place 2 months before mine. I've learned to accept that. But I just found out that she is going to do the exact same theme, that I've had my heart set on since, practically, the minute he proposed.
Is it right for me to ask her to change it?
I'm probably more upset over this than I should be, but I wanted to see what other brides thought of the situation.

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raina [userpic]

Hey everyone, I'm getting married in the park in brooklyn in late october. I could very well carry flowers, but was wondering if you had any good ideas for alternates? i.e. something handmade? I'm very crafty and I can knit and crochet, and thought it might be cool to make my own bouquet! Any ideas? Thanks!

wordbank of the future [userpic]

hello!! i am new here, needing some last minute (really... really last minute) advice :D

basically i need hair advice. under the cut you will find my intro survey, a pic of me (for reference hehe) and a pic/collage of hair styles i am thinking of along with my "this and that i would change" list. please please help a girl in need :D thanks!!

Here's my community introduction survey:
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please help me, thanks!! :D :D :D

My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married for a few months. We wanted to get each other engagement rings instead of him just getting me one so we went to Kay and picked some out 3 days ago. Both rings have to be sized and won't be ready for about 2 weeks so until that time we're not officially considering ourselves engaged yet. But since we didn't go the traditional route, we can't really surprise each other with proposals of whatever. So now we're trying to think of something special to do to present the rings and then be "officially engaged". He thought it would be a neat idea to wear the rings on our right hands while we're engaged and then move them to the left when we're married and not get wedding bands. We both do alot of car, sculpture, metal, wood, clay, etc dirty work so wearing alot of jewelry isn't always a good idea if you just have to keep taking it off. I'm pretty excited about all of this, but honsetly it's also so brand new and neither of us are very traditional about things so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Here's my community introduction survey:
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hollaymc [userpic]

Hey all! I'm newly engaged and the first out of any of my friends to take the plunge--a.k.a. I'm as green as can be!!

First off, we are planning on doing 2-3 registries. However, I did have a question --

WHAT do you register? I mean, if I register for most of my basics (flatwear, dishes, glasses) at one store, then what do I register for at the other? I just feel like if I have more than one registry, I'll just be picking random things to put on the list! I also feel as if there are not enough things at each store to register for. I should also mention--we are already living together. We will probably keep our current flatwear and glasses. I just feel like I might go overboard!

Also--registering for mortgage isn't something we're ready for, and we do not want to register for our honeymoon. We are also registering with more than one company to give our guests more choices, and because our wedding in across the country (we want at least one place convenient for everyone!). I guess I'm just curious as to how you all find so many things at so many different places to register for! Thanks in advance!

Winter Magnolia [userpic]

My fiance has made only a few, small requests for our wedding, and is letting me make nearly all of the choices in planning everything.  One of his requests was to have dark blue as a major color, including having the men wear dark blue suits and not tuxes.  I feel like the least I can do is honor his wishes, since I am getting my way in pretty much every other aspect of the whole affair.  That's why I'm agonizing about something that's probably really very stupid and a non-issue.  I am very interested in this gown, which I have seen on the internet, but not yet tried on:

I'm worried that it won't look right with navy blue because of the greenish-brownish stems and leaves on the roses.  My fiance has said he would be okay with wearing some other color of suit if need be, but I hate to steamroll over him and eliminate the one element he had asked for in the wedding.

What do you think?  Try the dress on and then decide?  Wear it anyway?  Pass it by and look at other gowns?

Winter Magnolia [userpic]

In my never-ending, 24/7 obsessing over wedding plans, I am currently ruminating over the attire for the men in the wedding party.  Our plan is to have them all wear navy blue suits.  Just how matchy-matchy should I be about this?  There are many different shades of navy.  Will it look bad if they all wear their own navy blue suit?  Should I pick out a color swatch and ask them to wear a suit as close to that shade as possible?  I don't really want to go so far as to ask them all to buy the same exact style of suit.  I think if they all wear coordinating shirts and ties, and the flowers tie into our color scheme, too, then they will look unified enough.  (The women will be wearing navy blue dresses, too, and I wonder if I should be worried about clashing shades of navy between their dresses and the mens' suits.)

Also, my "matron of honor" is a man.  I know sometimes people will have the maid of honor wear the same dress as the other bridesmaids, but in a different color, or they'll wear a different dress in the same color, some way to set them slightly apart from the other bridesmaids.  Do I want to have some detail about the best man and my honor attendant that is different from the rest of the groomsmen?  Likewise, the groom?  I was sort of thinking their boutonnieres would be the one thing that was different about their attire.

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